hermes-mensajero-de-los-dioses - Spanish visual artist - Angeles Nieto - original painting - hermes-messenger-of-the-gods

Hermes dios de los mensajeros

“Hermes, Dios de los mensajeros” (Hermes, God of messengers)

Original painting, acrylics, inks, oilbar, structures and other materials on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

14 days FREE “on sight” in the Netherlands or Belgium

Price: On request


In Greek mythology, Hermes is the god of commerce, traffic and eloquence. He is the son of the supreme god Zeus and the mountain nymph Maia. Also messenger of the gods and protector of thieves and travelers. Hermes is one of the twelve Olympian gods, the gods who lived on Mount Olympus. In Roman mythology, Mercury is often referred to as the god’s equivalent.

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