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Gato trepador - Climbing cat is a wire sculpture by Spanish visual artist Angeles Nieto

“Gato trepador”

Gato trepador (Climbing cat), original wire sculture, 120 x 50 cm

Carta Malevich II - JNM - Spanish visual artist Juan N. Marín

“Carta a Malevich II”

Original, acrylic and letraset on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

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Feeling Good Art Collection. (Small originals, 30 x 30 cm)

Serigraphs by Ángeles Nieto AquArtisGallery AmsterdamAquArtisGallery Zeefdrukken
Feeling Good Art Collection by Ángeles Nieto AquArtisGallery AmsterdamFeeling Good Art Collection by Ángeles Nieto AquArtisGallery Amsterdam


AquArtisGallery Paso Doble Chan
AquArtisGallery Perfumeros Diazdel
Ángeles Nieto - artist of AquArtisGallery Amsterdam
Wouter Stips - artist of AquArtisGallery Amsterdam
Susan Schildkamp - artist of AquArtisGallery Amsterdam
AquArtisGallery Mike Raaijmakers

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AquArtisGallery offers a selected collection of art for you. Distinctive artists from the Netherlands and Spain are represented by our gallery.
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